Writers Nook

The Writers Nook is a place where we collect stories of recovery, hope and transformation. Writing our stories can be such a powerful tool to process trauma, rebuild self-esteem and support sustained recovery. Recovery looks different for every individual. Every story is unique, special and significant. We need all these messy, beautiful, and powerful stories to remind us that people do change and that transformation and recovery are truly possible with the power of Jesus!

Just A Little Rain

“I’ll praise in the valleyPraise on the mountainI’ll praise when I’m surePraise when I’m doubtingI’ll praise when outnumberedPraise when surrounded‘Cause praise is the waterMy enemies drown in” I’m not sure how many other people came to game night tonight that was honestly grumpy about life and didn’t want to go. (Hi, that was me and […]

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By Christopher Bennett Recently I had the pleasure of hearing a sermon on community and its importance in spiritual life.  Discussing the importance of community in recovery is “preaching to the choir” if such a thing has ever existed.  Sobriety is a lifestyle shift that is foundationally built on community and social supports.  You see

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Active Listening

I cannot claim the writing below. This came out of a recent course I took on Motivational Interviewing. A huge part of Motivational Interviewing is listening, however I think we can all learn something from becoming better listeners. It’s truly an art form, and if we treat it as such, we can improve these skills

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Sustainable Joy

There is a lot of truth to the phrase “comparison is the thief of joy”. However, I think if we expand on this we could all agree that comparison isn’t only the thief of joy, but it also reveals the current source of our joy.  Hear me out. Comparison comes in a lot of forms.

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Making Room

Written by Amy Belawske (Photo from the summit of Whiteface Mountain taken by A. Belawske) When it comes to God as “the Father”, my heart has been conflicted and embittered at times. There have been times when I couldn’t even make sense of this role of God and why it is so important when I

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