Rebuilding Lives

The Desens House is a holistic, faith-based, community driven model of recovery, dedicated to setting generations free from substance dependence.


Ten years ago, God put a dream for freeing people from spiritual bondage on my heart. Over the years of serving the needs of our local community, the vision for a home that breaks the generational chains of addiction is now coming to fruition.

The name “Desens” comes from one of the original founding families of Elim Grace Church. In the same way that this single family has had an impact on the church community generationally, the Desens House, with its mission of hope and healing, is the next generation of Elim Grace Church. 

Jonathan Evans, the lead Pastor of Elim Grace Church, has had a vision for bringing hope to the underserved populations of Oswego, in particular those struggling with addiction. After years of serving the needs of our local community and watching the demographics of addiction affect the city of Oswego, Elim Grace Church purchased the building across the street from the church, with the goal of this becoming a safe space of growth and healing for women struggling to overcome addiction.

Bringing Hope to the Hopeless

Originally, the building was purchased with the vision that this building would become a home for women seeking a way out of addiction. Slowly our vision has shifted from transforming the historic T. Kingsford & Son office building from a residence that would serve a small population of women to a Resource Center that will serve women throughout the entire county of Oswego.

The Desens House is pictured in the background. From Left to Right: Donna Nichols, Liz Cooper, Diana Desens, Gloria Spink and Anne Marie Rounds

Since purchasing this house in 2018, Elim Grace Church has undertaken to pay all expenses associated with The Desens House and is committed to seeing the financial and programmatic success of the Desens House. Elim Grace Church intends to support the Desens House long term as a local mission.

Summer Projects:

After the renovation is complete,The Desens House Resource Center will become the central location for our community of recovery. The Resource Center will provide a safe space for women within our program, as well as community members, to learn, grow and thrive in a safe environment. The overall numbers served will include program participants, community volunteers, educators, counselors, peer advocates, and mentor

The Desens House Resource Center will become the center for our community of recovery. The Resource Center will provide a safe space for women within the Desens House program, as well as community members to learn and develop life skills in a safe environment. The construction project will focus on four growth spaces and will utilize community collaborators to complete. Each space functions as a multipurpose room with a variety of ways to facilitate learning and growth. 

We hope to open our Resource Center in the Spring of 2022 and your support is crucial! This month we raised over $10,000 thanks to the incredible generosity of friends and family. We’re so thankful for a community that supports our projects and believes in our mission.

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We can’t change lives alone. We need your skills, experience, and your story.



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